Developing Global Leaders Asia

Sample Scenarios for Cultural Consulting

The following are sample cross-cultural scenarios where Developing Global Leaders Asia can help individual and organisational clients manage successfully.


Scenario One: You are part of an international project team, and things just do not develop as smoothly and fast as you had hoped. Is language the source of the communication problems? How to avoid the escalation of culture clashes and the missing of deadlines? Cultural sensitivity training, individual and group coaching can help bring the best out of your team.


Scenario Two: You want your Human Resources function to support your business in a more effective way. You have your HR strategy and want to make sure that the practices are adhered to in each location of the firm. Some of the questions you need to ask are: Which HR practices transfer well across borders and which do not? What kinds of evaluation methods are the most effective in different countries? Where will 360° feedback not work? What incentives to introduce? What motivates best: money, training or something else? How to keep your best employees around the world? DGL Asia can help you communicate with the different locations and, if necessary, tailor your practices according to the local circumstances.


Scenario Three: You have a successful product in your home market, and would like to market it abroad. What market channels to use? Can you use the same ads as you have in your home country? DGL Asia can bring to your attention potential cultural pitfalls in your new market-to-be, closely co-operating with your marketing department and/or advertising agency.


Scenario Four: You are going on an expatriate assignment as a top executive to Thailand. You want to be successful and bring out the most of your employees. You have spent a few days there and you know that the culture is very different from your own. How can you find out what the best way is to manage your people? Developing Global Leaders Asia offers its "Expatriate training" as the solution. We discuss your questions and suggest other ones to be answered before the assignment. We also offer pre-departure training and post-arrival cultural coaching. We can also keep in touch with you during the assignment via email and be of "cultural assistance" to you this way. We strongly recommend that your partner also participates in the cultural training.


Scenario Five: You are an executive or a specialist who travels 20-80% of her/his time. You do not have time to learn each culture in depth you are visiting, but you would like to have some guidance as to what to do and what not to do during your trips. You would like to have advice for example on: What negotiation tactics work best in the culture? At a meeting, should you start to talk immediately about business or is it better to talk about personal and/or neutral topics first? How can you best motivate the people you want to involve in your project? A phone call may be enough and we can provide you the information you need at short notice. We tailor our response by considering the differences between your own and the other culture(s).


Cultural fire-fighting

Crisis management in cross-cultural settings can be particularly tricky. Action in such situations requires informed and skilful planning and execution. Do you feel you or your organisation have committed a cultural "faux pas" but you are not sure how to address the situation properly? Will you soon be interacting with the same people and are not sure how to best manage the situation? Are you facing a particularly important issue that you feel has already been compromised by the actions of others? Call or email us. Your message will be kept confidential. DGL Asia provides timely, professional support, with targeted, culturally sensitive and appropriate plans for action.