Developing Global Leaders Asia

Case Study

Developing Senior Leadership Team - Energy Company


diagnostics Diagnosis

Over a period of one week, a full assessment was made of the organization's leadership team to identify where the team was working effectively and where improvements needed to be made. We collected data from the following sources:


  • - 360° feedback for each executive
  • - In-depth interviews with the individual team members and the CEO
  • - A number of ad hoc interviews with members of the board and members of the second tier management group reporting to the leadership team
  • Team survey


Over the following week, a team analysis was prepared identifying the specific areas where intervention was required and assessing options on how that intervention could be made. This was discussed with the CEO and certain members of the team.


In this example the key areas of focus were:


  • - Team empowerment- the team needed to be more proactive
  • - Communication- the team needed to improve on communicating with each other and within the organization
  • - Cross-cultural competence- the team needed to be more culturally aware and leverage the strength of its cultural diversity

In the third week we prepared a detailed program and discussed with the client. We also spent time on trying to integrate and utilize resources within the client's own team to maximize the learning and cost efficiency of the program. We identified clear goals and measures to ensure that the results and pay-back could be properly assessed.


diagnostics Development and Execution


A 5 week program was developed as illustrated below:


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Team Coaching

Session 1 - feedback/team dynamics

Session 2 - goal setting - what makes a successful team?

Session 3 - reality - what works? what needs fixing?

Session 4 - Options and Actions - what are we going to do differently?

Session 5 - How will we monitor performance going forward?

Empowering the team




Team building project - pre-work, two day team building session focused on empowering the team and diversity in the workplace, de-brief with key learnings

Team charter including agreed changes

Embracing Cultural Diversity

Training - Cultural competency in teams


Individual and Team cross-cultural profile and learnings


Workshop: Reviewing the current internal communication practices (run by client's External Affairs manager with support from DGLA)

Workshop: Implementing improvements to the communication practices



Workshop: Reviewing the impact of the improved communication practices


diagnostics Results and the Way Forward


As noted earlier, clear goals and measures were identified and agreed with the client during phase 1 of the assignment to ensure that the results and pay-back could be properly assessed. The main measures were the following:


A. Upon completion of Stage 2:


  • - Formal feedback from participants on whether the program met the objectives around the key focus areas
  • - Clear agreement and buy-in from the team members on the team KBIs over the next 3-6 months
  • - Short report on the team's performance during the program and action steps for the next 3-6 months
  • - Agreement for monthly coaching and monitoring from DGLA to assess team progress and whether changes agreed during the program were being implemented on an on-going basis

B. 3-6 months later:


  • - Formal feedback from participants and key stakeholders on the performance of the team
  • - 1-day workshop to review the feedback and to decide on action steps in areas where the team's performance could still be improved