Developing Global Leaders Asia

How we work


Our senior consultants rely on their extensive experience in designing and delivering high quality, customized solutions for our clients. First, we assess your needs by talking to the key decision makers in the company. Going through our checklist of the DGL Global Leadership Model™ we identify, together with you, which areas need to be addressed and in which order. Based on this needs' assessment we put together a proposal for you. 


Leadership and Cultural Consulting


  • Successful joint ventures - We assist in setting up and managing joint venture organizations. 
  • M&A Cultural Integration - Cultural Due Diligence: We assess systematically the gaps as well as identify best ways of bridging differences between national and corporate cultures in international transactions.
  • Making the most of cultural diversity - Cultural Audit. We perform a cultural audit of the organization in order to identify which areas' cultural competence needs to be developed, be it strategy, human resources, international teams or some other part of the business. 
  • Aligning business, diversity and social responsibility strategies - Diversity and social responsibility need to be strategic and strongly linked to the overall business strategy of the organization. We first assist in ensuring that all three strategies are aligned, then help design diversity and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Managing the Cultural and Adjustment Aspects of International Assignments - We provide comprehensive cultural and adjustment services for international assignees, including cultural competence assessment, training, coaching on dual-career issues, cultural and adjustment coaching during and after the assignment.
  • Globalizing Leadership Development Programs - We are aware that many companies have their established programs. Therefore our objective is to build on these. Our approach is the following: 1) Introducing innovative programs where various competences are developed at the same time; 2) Organizing programs where various stakeholders, e.g. suppliers, customers, etc. are also participants in the programs; 3) Preparing an audit of existing programs and finding ways to globalize these programs by adding some additional or changing some existing elements.


Sample scenarios


Case study: Global Leadership Development Program - FMCG Company