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How we work

Executive Coaching


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Our coaching objective is to accompany our clients on their exciting and fulfilling journey of reaching their full potential. 


What do we do?

We focus on our clients’ objectives and dreams and accompany them on their journey of reaching them. We strive to create a long-term impact. Successful coaching requires professionalism and experience from the coach and commitment from the coachee. Coaching will only be effective if trust is established, the client is relaxed and is enjoying the process. All coaching sessions are private and confidential in nature.


Individual coaching

Through a process of in-depth questioning, we assist our clients in finding a path to achieving their personal and professional goals. In order to gain context around the assignment and the coachee her/himself, first we conduct some interviews and/or perform 360° feedback. Based on these we conduct a series of one-to-one sessions according to the individual's needs. During these sessions the coach seeks to understand where the client is now and what the client would like to achieve in the future. Between sessions the client may be asked to undertake some exercises or analysis in order to facilitate the next coaching session.

By the nature of coaching each assignment is unique. However, we recommend to start with a set of six one-hour sessions over a period of six-to-ten weeks. At the end of the six sessions together with the client we review the client's achievements and assess future coaching needs. In order to create a lasting effect, we recommend at least one follow-up session over the next 6 months.


Group and team coaching

Team coaching refers to an existing team where the typical focus is on improving team performance. In case of group coaching the individuals usually have similar objectives, e.g. developing leadership skills. In both cases the coach facilitates the process by using a wide range of techniques that help the group work well together. The main additional benefit of group and team coaching is that each individual can benefit from the others’ questions and comments. This can build trust, skills as well as knowledge in a very efficient way.


Coaching focus – Working Internationally and Shaping and Managing your Global Career

An international career or a job with international responsibility requires additional skills from the executive and often presents additional challenges. By addressing the ‘usual’ leadership issues as well as cross-cultural effectiveness, living abroad or the balance between the partner’s career and the continuous travel requirements, we assist our clients to thrive in the international environment.


Network of executive coaches

One of the keys to successful coaching is the good rapport between you and the Coach. In order to be able to offer you the right 'match', we work with a network of highly-skilled executive coaches located in different countries in the Asia Pacific region.