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Useful Links

Today, if you enter "expatriate", "culture" or other, related key words into a major internet search engine, an overwhelming number of web-sites come up. The following represent a small selection of the best of these.
A rich site with all kinds of information for expatriates and their families. Definitely worth a visit. It provides also a lot of real estate information. This site provides lists of useful addresses and web-sites by location. It also features the SEC (Spouse Employment Centre) of Shell.
Cost-of living indices, opportunities for participating in forums discussing various topics in many countries.
An ambitious project providing a wide range of services and information for expatriates around the world.
The website of International Herald Tribune.
This is the site of the CIA. It contains a very wide range of country-related information you may not find in other places.
A great organization for cross-cultural specialists in any field. You can find some free tools and materials on the website.
The Delta Intercultural Academy is a knowledge and learning community for those who are professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication.