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What we offer

Global Leadership Development

Global Leaders inspire their team/organization to achieve their commonly agreed objectives and vision. They are able to look beyond the company's and the direct stakeholders' interests and consider the long-term impact of their decisions on their communities as well as the environment across the globe. These people are intelligent and possess the required technical and professional knowledge. They have courage and drive, and are capable and willing to act with integrity and humility. They are globally aware, politically astute, socially responsible, culturally sensitive and use leading-edge communication techniques.



Every individual/organization has different global leadership strengths and weaknesses. Our aim is to work with the individual/leadership team to help them assess what are theirs and to develop a tailor-made program which addresses the weaknesses and builds on the strengths. Through a series of interviews, 360 degree assessments, psychometric instruments and surveys, we build knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses and compare this to the key competencies that form our DGL Global Leadership Model™.

Development and Execution

Our DGL Global Leadership Model™ comprises of a set of global competencies required for leading in today's international business world. Based on the gap analysis between the strengths/weaknesses of the individual, team or organization and our model, we propose a customized developmental plan. This may be delivered in conjunction with the organization's human resources department and would utilize a variety of learning methods including training, executive coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Results and the Way Forward

Our objective is to create a long-lasting effect, therefore we meaure our training's impact both at the end of the program and a few months after that. Subsequent to the cross-cultural competence program we recommend follow-up. This often takes the form of individual and/or team executive coaching sessions. It helps embed key learnings as well as addresses additional cross-cultural issues that may arise.


Our flagship program: The Global Leadership Journey



To develop competent and responsible international leaders


Today's and tomorrow's interdependent world needs leaders who possess a global mindset. We need leaders who can and are willing to act in the interest of all stakeholders, including the environment and communities locally as well as across the globe.



  • - Blended learning, including face-to-face and virtual elements
  • - Tailor-made, modular approach
  • - Highly interactive sessions
  • - Job-relevant skills development and knowledge sharing


Sample modules

  • - Company strategy - team and individual goals
  • - Sharing and managing global trends
  • - Aligning diversity and social responsibility strategies with business strategy
  • - Leading internationally
  • - Leading virtually
  • - Creating and managing global alliances and networks
  • - Encouraging and supporting knowledge transfer internationally
  • - Introducing and practising a coaching leadership style

The Global Leadership Journey is ideal for high potentials to prepare them for their current and future leadership roles within the organization. It can also be a part of a culture change, where the organization as a whole is becoming more globally aware and responsible. In this case, the program is first run with the senior management team, then we cascade it down to middle management level.


Global-minded workforce and organizations

What strengths should individuals and organizations build on? What areas need further development? How can you match tomorrow’s challenges? Based on gap analysis using our DGL Global Leadership Mode™ we prepare a customized program for you. Subject areas include: trends, global networks, cultural awareness, virtual communication, diversity and social responsibility. The objective is to inspire and develop your leaders so that they lead your organization into a successful future.  


Global workplace in 2014 – Optimizing Generational Diversity 

More and more research shows that different generations have different expectations regarding work, work styles, communication, careers, and the balance between work and non-work activities. Too often people of different age simply accept the differences and don’t make a conscious effort to overcome the communication barriers. In Asian cultures the effects of generational differences are further enlarged by the more pronounced gender roles and higher respect for hierarchy. The program addresses diversity issues in general and generational issues in particular in the Asian context. Clients are encouraged to assemble a diverse group of participants in order to maximize learnings. 


Introduction to Global Leadership

We believe that in the 21st century every leader has to be a global leader. Therefore this program addresses leadership from a global perspective. In addition to the 'traditional' core competences, our program focuses on global competence, including cultural competence, social responsibility, global-mindedness and communication and shaping and managing global trends. The focus is on leadership in practice, and particularly on developing participants' individual leadership skills. Participants increase their self-awareness, prepare a self-assessment and an action plan for future. Individual coaching during and after the program is optional. 


Global Leadership Development with a focus on Cultural Competence

The program builds on our Global Leadership Model™, and puts special emphasis on cultural competence. We aim to create a diverse group of participants in order to increase learnings. Participants will develop their cultural awareness and competence and will be able to work more effectively across borders as well as with the locally diverse workforce. 



Global Leadership Development with a focus on Social Responsibility 

The Standard Team-Development Program of the Future

Traditional team building programs often focus solely on developing core team and leadership skills. In this program we integrate this learning with participation in one of the organization’s own CSR initiatives. This creates a win-win situation through increasing the engagement and relevance of the team building program for the individual while at the same time increasing the knowledge and awareness of a particular CSR initiative.


Often the program is linked to in-house training or knowledge sharing sessions on the organization’s CSR strategy and initiatives. It may also be followed-up with individual or team executive coaching sessions with the objective of breaking down silos and increasing the cross-functional involvement in the organization’s CSR activities. Duration: 1-3 days.


Global Leadership Development with focus on Social Responsibility and Cultural Competence

An additional element that can be integrated into this training program is the cross-cultural challenges of working on one of the organization’s key CSR initiatives in a country away from the team’s home country.

In this program, the team will benefit from working together in an unfamiliar environment, perhaps under the leadership of someone from one of their key markets, who has a different leadership style and cultural perspective compared to the majority of the team participants.


To assist clients in organizing these programs, we help create the program and coordinate the efforts of the organization’s HR and CSR teams locally and/or internationally. Additionally, if the client feels that there are no international CSR initiatives that would be suitable for this program, we are able to organize participation in CSR initiatives currently being run by various not-for-profit organizations in countries in Asia and Europe. Duration: 2-7 days.

We are continuously looking for new projects and new ideas. Please contact us with your suggestions.


Executive Coaching for Global Leadership

Our Coaching for Global Leadership program is based on developing four global elements of leadership: global-mindedness, social responsibility, cultural competence and cross-border communication. In order to gain context around the assignment and the coachee her/himself, first we conduct some interviews and/or perform 360° feedback. We also perform an assessment based on our DGL Global Leadership Model™. Following these we conduct a series of one-to-one sessions according to the individual's needs. We partner with you for setting your objectives and assist you in reaching them. We suggest a set of six sessions to begin with. After discussing your achievements at the end of the first program we help you decide which way to go forward.


Our associates are all senior consultants and executive coaches with the relevant professional business background as well as wide international experience.


Case study: Global Leadership Development Program - FMCG Company