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What we offer

International Teams and Virtual Teams

In today's global marketplace, most business leaders and employees are members of at least one international team. This team may be a multinational leadership team, a regional cross-functional team, a remote project team or a global virtual team. At Developing Global Leaders Asia we work with you to provide a tailor-made program that aims to maximize the effectiveness of your team.



By interviewing team members and other stakeholders, observing team dynamics and utilizing standard and tailored tools we assess leadership, team characteristics, dynamics, trust, preferred working and leadership styles as well as the team members' ability and willingness to adapt. 

Development and Execution

Depending on the findings of the assessment the areas of focus may include: team development stages, leadership styles, trust between team members, communication within and outside the team, motivation and commitment, feedback, diversity in the team, virtual communication, problem solving or addressing conflicts. The program is always tailor-made and designed together with the client to ensure that we address areas where the team needs the most support. This program may consist of a number of elements such as face-to-face and online training, team-building exercises and individual/team executive coaching.

Results and the Way Forward

At the diagnosis stage it is important to agree on the expected outcomes of the Global Team Development program. This means setting short-term team and individual objectives linked to the organization and individual's annual goals. Subsequent to the global team development program, we recommend follow-up. This often takes the form of individual and/or team executive coaching in order to embed the learnings.


Highly successful international teams

The program focuses on improving team performance by enhancing team leaders' skills. For any effective team it is essential that all team developmental stages are managed well, starting from setting up the team, through conflict handling, norming to celebrating success.  This is particularly true for global teams, where the management of cultural differences may present additional challenges. While different cultures bring different perspectives, creative problem solving and idea generation; trust- and relationship building and most team processes may take longer to establish. In the program we share and encourage the use of best practices in order to optimize cultural diversity within the team. We also ask team leaders to prepare a detailed action plan for future. Subjects covered in the program include: team stages, team spirit, trust, diversity, motivation, feedback and virtuality. 


Effective Virtual Teams 

Working with team members remotely, perhaps from different functions, different cultures and in different time zones often presents major challenges. In addition to best practices of successful team management in general, for the virtual team it is particularly important that the team addresses the challenges of virtuality, technology, cultural and time differences at the initial stage of working together. Following this the culture and the communication of the team need to be monitored. The program focuses on establishing credibility, building trust and relationships, motivation and feedback, decision-making and conflict handling. We share best practices on how to use technology and effective cross-border communication in order to increase productivity and general success in virtual teams. 


Productive video- and tele-conferences

Our hands-on programs share best practices for successful virtual communication, with a particular emphasis on tele-and video-conferences. Participants learn and practice new tools, tips and techniques for increasing the effectiveness of these meetings. We put a special emphasis on enabling all participants to be active.


Facilitation of International Team Meetings

We offer facilitation for international team meetings in order to make sure that all participants have a chance to contribute and to add value.


Global Leadership Development focusing on Social Responsibility

Global Leadership Development focusing on Social Responsibility and Cultural Sensitivity


Case study: Global Team Development Program - Senior Leadership Team in Energy Company