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Outsourcing - Managing the Cultural and Adjustment Aspects of International Assignment Management


Sample scenarios for Cultural Consulting


Successful joint ventures

Many organizations form joint ventures as part of their growth strategy. We help setting up and managing these entities in order for them to add significant value. The main steps of the project include: Compatibility assessment of joint venture partners; Gap bridging; Creating the culture of the new entity; Maintaining high level performance.


M&A cultural integration 


Diagnosis: Assessment of the compatibility of organizational and national cultures

We analyze the match between the strategies, structures, values, management practices and processes and information flows of the organizations involved in the transaction. Methods include analysis of existing data and documents, surveys, interviews and focus group discussions. 

Development and Execution: Preparing solutions to pre-empt and/or to solve conflict situations

In order to achieve optimal results we work closely with the management teams to develop solutions that support the integration of the organizations. Particularly important is the definition and embedding of the values and the culture of the merged/acquired entity. We also assist in putting together and executing 'The Communication Plan' that makes sure that communication is timely and culturally appropriate. Further suggestions may include classroom or virtual cross-cultural training, team-building and/or individual coaching.

Results and the Way Forward: Ongoing support

During the integration phase we continue our support based on the new organization's needs. Further trainings, meetings and/or coaching sessions ensure the long-term success of the people management aspect of the international transaction.


Making most of cultural diversity - Cultural Audit - Turning Cultural Diversity into Competitive Advantage

While it is generally accepted that diversity brings new ideas, problem solving techniques, flexibility and versatility to our workplace, it is also generally understood that it only works if it is very well managed. Our objective is to ensure that you make the best of diversity in your organization. We also believe that not only individuals should be culturally competent but also the whole organization. In our work we aim to help your organization to reach this stage.



The Cultural Audit analyzes the organization and its business activities in order to identify which areas need to be addressed from the cultural point of view. We look at strategy, human resources, marketing, i.e. all functional areas as well as activities across functions, such as international teams, negotiations, etc. Our assessment primarily relies on our self-developed audit program, which includes interviews, surveys, focus groups and other tools. 

Development and Execution

We present you with a status quo report as well as suggestions for the future. Our recommendations may range from proposals for significant changes, e.g. changing the company culture to one-off training for particular employees.

Results and the Way Forward

As a result, you will have a culturally competent organization ready to meet the cultural challenges of globalization. Depending on the intervention, various evaluation methods are used. These may include feedback from training participants, setting and following up short- and medium-term objectives for individuals and teams.


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Aligning business, social responsibility and diversity strategies

In order for social responsibility and diversity initiatives to have a significant and long-lasting impact, they need to be linked to the company's overall business strategy. We help your organization to align the three strategies as well as work out further initiatives for the company.


Outsourcing - Managing the Cultural and Adjustment Aspects of International Assignment Management

Our comprehensive services include assisting you in managing the cultural aspect of short-term (including commuting and frequent travels) and long-term assignments. We help you in the selection process through our cultural competence assessment, in training and in managing the relationship with your international executives before, during and after the assignment. This may take the form of face-to-face or virtual training programs and coaching. We encourage and assist you in creating and managing an intranet-based discussion forum and information resource for your organization's international assignees and frequent travelers, including regular newsletters and your very own 'assignee story book' that can capture knowledge and experience.